Monday, May 9, 2011

The Proof Is In The Pudding (Sugar Free, Of Course!)

We have a Wellness Department at work, which offers programs, classes and information free of charge to help people live healthier lives because healthier employees means lower health costs.  Every year the Wellness Program has a Healthy Challenge where participants go through a few tests and measurements each March.  By taking part in some of the free programs offered through the Wellness Department and making healthy lifestyle choices, you can be compensated with either up to 15 hours of leave time or up to $250.

Here's how I stacked up this year versus last year's figures:
                                                     March 2010                   March 2011
Total Cholesterol (<200mg/dl):             205                                 167
HDL (>34 mg/dl):                                   47                                  52
LDL (<130 mg/dl):                                137                                 106
Triglycerides (<200 mg/dl):                   109                                  77
Glucose (<110 mg/dl):                          104                                  95
BMI:                                            Nunya Business            Nunya Business -7.9

I was excited to get the compensation, but I was equally, if not more, excited to get the results!  Just thought I'd share the stats with you all!  Can't wait to see what next year's numbers hold.