Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tie a rope to your ankles, so you won't get lost. . .we're divin' in!

I had planned to go in a completely different direction with this post until I came in from work, turned on the t.v. and started watching the first episode of this season's Biggest Loser.  I normally don't watch Biggest Loser, as I'm usually working on Tuesday nights at the library.  I've caught it a few times, but since I hadn't started with the show from the beginning, I really don't know the stories behind the contestants and would forget about it until my next once and month early shift rolled around the next month. However, it's touched me the few times I've watched it (and eventually made me cry), and I'd think, "Man, I wish I could see this every week!"

Being off on medical leave, I saw season finale last year (2010 was, like, SO long ago), and it really encouraged me.  I was really glad to catch this season's premier show, and I think keep up with this season on-line. (Probably should check to make sure they replay it on the website first.)  Seeing the back stories and struggles of the contestants really made me feel connected because I could SO relate. (Good job, t.v. making people!  Your fancy t.v. making skills sucked me in.)  I don't think I'd ever have the courage to be on a show like Biggest Loser.  I'd love the chance to workout with the likes of Bob and Julian, but I couldn't be THAT transparent in front of millions of viewers.  (Especially, ONLY WEARING A SPORTS BRA AND SPANDEX WITH MY WEIGHT FLASHING ON A BILLBOARD FOR THE WHOLE WORLD TO SEE!!!!) 

I mean, I have a hard enough time being completely transparent on here because my constant Miranda Right Thinking, "anything I BLOG, can and will be used against me," way of thinking.  But that's not what I want to accomplish by doing this -- blogging about my journey and experience.  I mean, there's only so much "what is Rachael eating today," I can share and only so much "what is Rachael eating today," you care to read about, for that matter.  It's encouraging to see someone else's journey and draw strength from them learning from and overcoming their own struggles.  I guess that's what I hope for this blog -- for it to be my own "Biggest Loser" process (Minus the big paycheck at the end, but I might just have to go ahead and spring for the makeover).

So!  I plan on delving a little deeper into what got me to this point -- where my life got so out of control that it seemed the only viable solution to get it back was to undergo surgery.  My back story.  Me.  What's made me me.  What I have am learned learning from it.  It won't all be pretty, but some of it might just be funny.  (Just don't expect pictures and the admission of how much I weigh for a while 'cause we don't know each other quite well enough just yet.)

Oh, and by the way . . .

Breakfast: Hazelnut coffee protein shake and 3 turkey sausage links (Addicted to Aldi's Healthy and Fit brand, fully cooked, microwaveable, and they're only $0.89 for 10 links!)
Lunch: Chicken salad and a chocolate chip cookie
Dinner: Scrambled eggs with cheese and salsa

You know you wanted to know!

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