Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Hiatus and Holiday Eating

I know it's been a few days, but I took a little off to spend and enjoy Christmas with the family.  

The Eldest (my sister Robin) came in from Oklahoma the Tuesday before Christmas, and we enjoyed several days together, mainly getting her addicted to "The Big Bang Theory," before the rest of The Family came in from Waxahachie.  She hadn't seen me since Thanksgiving when I was just starting my pre-op diet, and she could really notice the fact that I was already losing weight -- especially when I almost lost me pants a couple of times when we were out and about.  (haha)

The Eldest helped fulfill my craving for sushi, where I introduced her to, yet another addiction of, as she says, "The best hot and sour soup she's ever tasted."  I had a cup of hot and sour soup and a sushi roll, which had The Eldest not helped me with, I wouldn't have been able to finish.  I'm finding it amazing as to how quickly I get full.  We had a lovely time of running last-minute Christmas errands and viewing Christmas lights.

The Mother, The Father, and The Chihuahua Sister came Christmas Eve Morning after mom got out of the doctor.  [Her lupus is out of remission, so the doctor started on her lupus medications again.  We are slightly disheartened that it's back, but we are rejoicing that her breast cancer scare came back good for the most part -- we'll just have to keep a cautious eye on the future.]   The Eldest and I made a delicious baked potato soup (with low fat sour cream and cream of cheddar soup for the cheese) for our Christmas Eve dinner before taking The Mother, The Father, The Chihuahua Sister out to see the Christmas lights.

My family is great and very supportive of me on this journey -- sometimes a little too supportive.  lol  They've been overly concerned, discussing amongst themselves, as though I'm not even in the room, about what they "think" I can and cannot eat.  Mom even whispers about foods she thinks might "tempt" me.  (lol)  I finally had to sit them all down and put an end to it.  I think I finally got my point across and they finally understand the point of them encouraging and supporting me and not having to be responsible to police and hide food from me.  

I did, however, agree to change our menu from the previously decided brisket and fixin's, since I'm not able to eat beef at the moment, to turkey and all the fixin's.  Besides, The Eldest had a turkey given to her that was burning a whole in her freezer.  For Christmas we had:  turkey, dressing (very moist for my sake), my favorite green beans that I've mentioned in a previous blog, mashed sweet potatoes (with just a little milk and butter, vanilla and spices), broccoli slaw that The Eldest makes, Copper Penny Salad (wonderful marinated carrots with onion and bell pepper -- one of my family's favorites), and deviled eggs. 

I ate my dinner on a 7" salad plate with a few tablespoons of everything I wanted.  Again, I was amazed at how soon I was full.  Funny thing was while the rest of the family was suffering from carb-overload and tryptophan, I wasn't fazed by it at all.  Had I been more on top of things, I could have pulled off some lovely practical jokes on them while they were dozing.  I have plenty of time to prepare for next year!

I did have dessert and savored every bite.  I took up the mantle and made my mom's famous strawberry cake with strawberry butter cream icing.  The Elder (my sister Rebecca), The Eye-talian (The Elder's Italian husband), and The Chihuahua Niece showed up Christmas Morning bearing pecan pie and my absolute favorite . . . BUTTERMILK PIE!  

I waiting a few hours and had my dessert as a snack.  A small slice of each of the three filled me up quickly.  I made the family promise to save me another slice of buttermilk pie.  They happily complied -- after I threatened to make them sleep outside in The Eldest's vehicle if they didn't.  

As always, we had a great time together, and I look forward to the next time we can all get together.  

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