Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Monumental Moments

Five days into my post-operative diet, and I'm proud to say I: 
1) am experiencing less and less pain. 
2) am gaining more and more strength. 
3) have been able to shower once again.  
4) have not obsessed over the scale.  
5) did not wrestle the hot dog from my father's hands, shove it in my mouth, swallowing it whole like a snake would eat a rat. 
6) did not, after smelling my parent's Cool Ranch Doritos, hide in the closet and, at the very least, lick off the seasoning.

Now, that's not to say I didn't think LONG AND HARD about the last two.  I guess I'm getting a little "soup-ed" out -- there's only so much tomato and cream of (fill in the blank) a person can take.

I felt well enough today to go out on a little excursion with Mom.  I even drove!  The field trip? To PetSmart to buy cat food.  I did pretty well, but really felt it when we got back home.  I forgot that I hadn't had lunch, so I was hungry, thirsty, and hurting -- not a good combo all together.  It wasn't anything a little soup, pain medication, and nap couldn't cure.  

While at home, I really need to be more aware to drink more throughout the day.  Whenever I'm at work, I always have water at my desk because talking to patrons keeps my mouth and throat dry, so at home I really need to keep on top of it, so I don't get dehydrated.

Mom and Dad are leaving tomorrow afternoon, so I'll be on my own.  (Yes, they'll take the rest of the hot dogs and Doritos with them.)

Friday morning is my post-op check up.  I'm looking forward to seeing how much weight I'm lost since surgery.  I decided not to weigh until Friday's visit, and that's been hard!  I'm also looking forward to the go ahead for REAL food.  

I'm craving sushi!

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